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Updated: Mar 6, 2021

“What That Self Love Be Like.”

Many women proclaim to love themselves. We call ourselves Queens, Goddesses, and shout to the female empowerment songs that make us feel good as hell. We show the world, AKA social media, that we have it together, but often, we don’t show up for ourselves as loudly and as boldly as we proclaim to others.

Loving yourself isn’t a mask; it isn’t something we can put on in the morning to show to others while we’re out and about, at work, or out with our girls and then be done with at night when we are alone with our thoughts and feelings…when we are alone with our truth. It isn’t admiring others on social media or being envious of women with coke bottle shapes and then complaining about where we aren’t yet. It isn’t trying to change who we are to be like anyone else. It isn’t surrounding ourselves with those who don’t pour love into our essence.

Loving yourself is a commitment to choosing to be your biggest fan every damn day. Like, everyday, sis. It’s being the first face that you see in the morning and speaking life over yourself. Telling yourself that you are beautiful, that you are unique, that you are that CHICK!...even if you don’t feel like it.

It’s seeing you and realizing that you are the best damn thing on this planet.

It’s protecting your peace at all costs even if that means that you will have to lose certain people, friendships, or relationships; you see, when you love yourself, you must become selfish with your energy, your time, and your space because it is vital to the healthiness of your mind, body, and soul.

I learned this many years ago, and that’s why I am now a self-love coach and author; I grew up with low self-esteem, I struggled with being overweight most of my life, and because of my low self-esteem, I chased relationships with emotionally unavailable men. I kept people around me who honestly didn’t care for my well-being or happiness. The lesson that came from my many years of searching for love in all the wrong places was simply: I am the love that I seek. I am the woman of my dreams.

How did I become that? How did I become that woman?

I had to relearn who I was. I had to isolate and spend time alone with me. I began praying more, I learned the art of meditation, the beauty of yoga, I went through a spiritual awakening, and I rediscovered who I was as a young girl; I remembered her dreams, her wishes, and desires, and I made the decision to be her, again. I gave myself permission to fall in love with me, again. I gave myself permission to be bold, to be honest, and to simply be me in all its glory and ugliness.

I choose me, every day.

That’s the beauty of self-love. Growth doesn’t occur overnight. It isn’t a light switch but if we make the effort, if we dedicate ourselves to remembering who we really are, what makes us happy, what our dreams are, our goals, and decide to show up every day as THAT woman whether she’s close or far…we’re shifting our reality, and we’re giving that little girl within us all a chance to truly shine.

So, I ask you…what will it take for you to become the woman of your dreams?

Book a session with me if you’re ready to meet her.

-Jelisha Jones

IG: fixyourcrownsis

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