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When was the last time you sat down in your comfiest chair, fluffy blanket warmly wrapped around your legs, steamy cup of fragrant tea held in your hands? In this moment, there is time to reflect, to plan, to rest...


Can you picture it?

Expand that vision of peace to include friends, family, 

or community individuals that care about your wellness and support you in this journey of motherhood.


That is what the Touch of Gold T.E.A. Rooms are about. Coming together and teaching skills and tips to help you be successful. Gathering to encourage you through the challenges you face in pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting. Sharing and acknowledging every win from being able to get out of bed on your hardest days to finally potty training your 5-year-old child.

The monthly T.E.A. Party allows for the community to engage with each other and support mothers to live their best lives.

Each of the remaining Rooms meet every other month.

And what is a T.E.A. Room without TEA!

Through the amazing herbalist at The Tea Smith, you have the option to add-on an exclusive Touch of Gold T.E.A Kit.

Come, sip, and build your village. We are here for you.

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