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Meet the Board

We are ready to ensure Touch of Gold meets and exceeds your expectations

Stephanie Bradley

Founder/ Executive Director

Stephanie is a Certified Lactation Counselor and a mother to one brilliant and active toddler and more recently, the chillest baby on the block. From the moment she found she was pregnant the first time, Stephanie looked for ways to learn, grow, and understand as much about being a mother as she could. In the process, she came to realize that the maternal health field and the path to wellness seemed to be more blocked and staggered than it was connected. 


It was then that she knew she needed to come up with a way to get involved. This spark of need grew into Touch of Gold.

She soon found herself an administrator for The Breastfeeding Support Group for Black Moms and the Vice President of Black Families Do Breastfeed. Shortly thereafter, Stephanie joined the Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition and became the first black person elected as Chair of the Leadership Team. Next, came the invitation to reinvigorate the effort to support, promote, and protect breastfeeding in North Omaha. A call she would answer by forming The North Omaha Breastfeeding Collaborative. Additionally, Stephanie is involved in the I Be Black Girl coalitions for Black Maternal Health and The Black Birth Workers Ecosystem. She is a member of the Nebraska Maternal Mortality Review Committee and an entrepreneur aiding small businesses with public facing content through Crowd the Top.

Stephanie is a person who thoroughly empathizes with those in need. She refuses to stand by when a problem needs a solution. Her primary desire is to ensure that mothers, and especially Black mothers, are fully surrounded by a village that will and can uplift, restore, and care for each other.

She and the rest of the Touch of Gold team wish for every mother to live golden!

While becoming a lactation professional and getting into building the organization, Stephanie met many wonderful people along the way both locally and internationally.

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Tiffany Thomas Turner

Board of Directors


Dorothea Clute

Board of Directors


Alisha Davis

Board of Directors

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