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In life, it is said, there is no handbook. While this is true in a physical sense, we DO actually have a handbook for successful motherhood, childrearing, and much more. You cannot usually put your hands on it or store it in a Kindle. This book has been passed down through the centuries and millennia by mothers themselves. One of the concepts lost to history is that of Oral Traditions; methods, practices, and beliefs handed down through storytelling and even simple conversation. Through our program Village Health Partners, we are bringing back this form of communal learning with the support of 21st century evidence based care. 


Now, where it may have felt like it was every mom for herself, YOU can look to Touch of Gold to ensure you have a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable friend to take this journey of motherhood with you. You can even become a Golden Peer yourself! Check out the links below to apply to be a peer -OR- meet a peer.

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Holding Hands

Become a Golden Partner!

Do you live in the Omaha Metro Area? Did you breastfeed for at least 6 months? Have you ever imagined yourself helping other moms to successfully breastfeed their children? Moms need the support YOU can provide.

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Connect with a Breastfeeding Peer

Wouldn't it be amazing to have compassionate, knowledgeable, genuine support in your breastfeeding journey? Request a Peer today and gain a "Breastie"! Breastfeeding Peers are able to walk with you from 3 months into your pregnancy through 2 years postpartum.

Prenatal Portrait

Connect with a Perinatal Peer

It is now popular knowledge that having a professional birth worker in your corner can be beneficial in many ways. We also know that this type of support saves lives in certain circumstances. You can connect with a Golden Partner to be there for you through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum questions. Request a peer today serve as your emotional and educational support!

Coming Spring 2024!!

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